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Useful IT Tips

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If you have any web performance issues, here is a useful checklist --

Check if you access any database table(s).  If yes, check if the table(s) column(s) have an index.
Check if use a Java Script.  If yes, check if there is a loop in the JavaScript
Check if you are retrieving the data with one database call instead of multiple database calls which increase as your stored data grows.
Check your CPU and memory utilization. This may indicate a loop in your server code.

Hibernate & Spring

You can use Hibernate callback feature to retrieve information from different, but related database tables.  Avoids getting Hibernate's lazy initiation error
Example Callback

If you use Spring and save data,  you can use Spring transaction annotation.
Example Spring Annotation


Use java.sql.Timestamp to get date and time

Database tips

Google Maps
Google Map setup


Use Shift and Enter key to single space if you are in rich text area

Use Alt key and Enter key if you want to wrap text within a cell in Microsoft Excel 

Using Ajax with Perl/CGI.

Example using Ajax with Perl


Process various types of Java collections.
Process Java Collection

Compare float numbers in Java
Compare Java Float Numbers


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